RECAP: New York & Company $200 Work Week Challenge

Hey everyone – it’s time for the results of the blogger challenge that I took on this past week!

Just to refresh your memory — New York & Company wanted to see if I could put together 5 days of wear-to-work-worthy outfits for under $200. They provided me with a gift card for $200 to go shopping at New York & Company, which I did last week. 

All this past week, I documented my purchases here on the blog in my daily outfit posts. Now, I’m recapping what I purchased and I’ll reveal whether or not I was able to stay within budget šŸ™‚
In case you missed them — here’s how my week looked:

Day One’s outfit

Day Two’s outfit

Day Three’s outfit

Day Four’s outfit

Day Five’s outfit

And here’s a tally of what I purchased:

  • Three work dresses — one for $25 and two for $16 each
  • Three necklaces — one for $12 and two for $10 each
  • Two sweaters — one for $25 and one for $16
  • One skirt  — for $19
  • One pair of pants — for $17
  • One knit top — for $13
  • One pair of earrings — for $8
(All images courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

Now, most items were 50%, 60%, or 70% off AND I had a coupon for $20 off a $100 purchase.

The grand total: 
(A savings of $314!!!) 
But, my shopping story doesn’t end there — when I made my purchase, I was given $30 in NYCash. So, I went back and purchased two belts (which were 40% off, too). So I didn’t spend any of my own money on those either! AND I got another coupon for 40% off my entire purchase that starts in January.
Now … technically there are way more than five day’s worth of outfits in what I purchased … here are some other possible combinations:
  • Day One’s dress with Day Four’s sweater … 
  • Day One’s dress with Day Five’s skirt … 
  • Day Two’s cardigan with Day Three’s dress … 
  • Day Two’s cardigan with Day Four’s dress … 
  • Day Three’s dress with Day Four’s sweater … 
  • Day Four’s sweater with Day Five’s skirt … 

I had so much fun doing this challenge … for me, it wasn’t just about buying a ton of different items. It was about buying pieces that I could mix and match together and make completely new outfits.

I have to confess something though. I did go $1 over budget at the checkout counter … but only so I could make a $1 donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can, too – through hitting ‘Like’ on the New York & Company Facebook page.
I hope these posts gave you some inspiration to mix and match pieces and get more out of your work-week wardrobe!
NYC Recessionista