What to Wear to a Garden Wedding

Have you been invited to a Garden Wedding coming up this spring or summer, but you have absolutely no idea what to wear? Don’t worry, it’s time for the next edition in my guide to wedding guest dresses!

What to wear to a wedding is always one of the hardest things for me to figure out! I’m always thinking about comfort personally (and whether or not I can wear a bra with the dress lol), but of course I also want to wear something beautiful, that has visual interest, and that fits the dress code of course.

If I’m invited to a wedding that I know is taking place in an outdoor garden, or a backyard, or somewhere with lots of nature and trees and flowers, I would totally look for a dress that pays homage to the outdoors, too! Why not lean into the theme? I would go right for sunny colors, fun floral prints, or anything that feels and looks like springtime. Garden weddings are so beautiful, and I also think they’re a great opportunity to wear something a little bit more casual than you would for a fancier black tie wedding. When the dress code is a bit more relaxed, I also love having more fun with my jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Don’t be afraid to be bold and colorful!

So, to show y’all that there are some really great options for what to wear to a Garden Wedding if you have one coming up over the next few months, I put together the below roundup. To shop any of the dresses, just click on the corresponding number below the image and you’ll be taken right to the product page. Easy peasy!

Garden Wedding

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