What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding

Have you been invited to a Black Tie Wedding but you have absolutely no idea what to wear? Don’t worry, you’re not alone haha.

What to wear to a wedding is always one of the hardest things for me to figure out! I’m always thinking about comfort personally (and whether or not I can wear a bra with the dress lol), but of course I also want to wear something beautiful, that has visual interest, and that fits the dress code of course.

When I’m invited to something that says Black Tie on the invitation, I always look for really interesting textures (think lace, velvet, or a shimmer), or a unique silhouette. But I made sure to include some classic silhouettes below as well. I also try to stay away from prints and patterns, which can sometimes feel more casual — although I will say that there are definitely some super dressy patterned dresses as well. I also think that with any dress, it’s important to consider how you’re going to style it! The right jewelry, handbag and shoes can instantly elevate a lot of more simple dresses.

So, to show y’all that there are some really great options for what to wear to a Black Tie Wedding if you have one coming up over the next few months, I put together the below roundup! To shop any of the dresses, just click on the corresponding number below the image and you’ll be taken right to the product page. Easy peasy!

Black Tie Wedding

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