Ocean Avenue by Warby Parker

The Coney Island neighorhood of Brooklyn is a place that’s very near and dear to my heart. It was actually there, in the shadow of the Parachute Jump, that I met my husband for the first time on a sunny and breezy June afternoon eight years ago.

So this new collection from Warby Parker — inspired by New York City and Coney Island in the 70s and 80s — tugs at my heartstrings a little bit.

From top to bottom: 
the Jasper (in orange fizz or newsprint grey
the Percey (in burnt lemon tortoise or cream soda)
the Dutch (in cream soda or newsprint grey)
the Wheeler (in chocolate soda or cream soda)
From top to bottom: 
the Winston (in cream soda or ginger lemonade)
the Jules (in ginger lemonade or marbled charcoal
the Sayles (in driftwood or sugar maple)
(All images courtesy of Warby Parker)

From top to bottom:
the Preston (in pearled tortoise or sea glass blue)
the Beckett (in driftwood or newsprint grey)
the Roosevelt (in chocolate soda or newsprint grey)

Aren’t they just scrumptious? Makes me want to hit the beach. Right now. 
PS — as always, their eyeglasses and non-prescription sunglasses are $95 for a complete pair, and their prescription sunglasses are $150 for a complete pair.