Southwestern jewelry from Forever 21

I feel like I’ve been on a jewelry spree this week!

Anyway, if you’re trying to find the perfect jewelry look and feel for summer, then one option to consider is the southwestern trend.  There’s something quintessentially summer about its tribal patterns, turquoise and red stones and carefree spirit that’s very appealing. 

And there are a ton of pieces at Forever 21 right now that are perfect. And they’re each under $15!

(Design by NYC Recessionista; images courtesy of Forever 21)

[1] southwestern cutout earrings
[2] southwestern eagle cuff
[3] tribal-inspired bird necklace 
[4] southwestern turquoise cutout earrings
[5] etched southwestern cuff
[6] beaded tribal-inspired necklace
[7] western stone cuff set
[8] southwestern faux leather cuff