Review: Warby Parker at-home try-on

This past week, I participated in an at-home try-on of five pairs of Warby Parker glasses. This wasn’t some sort of perk afforded to me as a blogger, either; an at-home try-on is something that anyone can arrange for themselves FOR FREE simply by visiting Warby Parker’s website.

Here are the five pairs I selected:

The Sims in violet magnolia

The Sloan in rum cherry

The Huxley in Tennessee whiskey

The Watts in blue sapphire

The Crosby in burgundy fade

Which frames do you like the best?  
My only complaint was that they didn’t have that really exaggerated cat eye frame that I was looking for … but as someone who sees glasses as an accessory, I would gladly wear any of these pairs in a second. My favorites are the Huxley and the Crosby.
The whole process is very simple and streamlined, too. You just browse their selection of adorably nerdy yet incredibly cool frames, select your five favorite pairs (note: you’ll undoubtedly have trouble narrowing it down to just five), checkout and voila – you’re done.
They arrive a couple of days later in this oh-so-efficient packaging, which is right on par with their responsible and conscious business model, in my humble opinion.

I love the little card that they throw in, too —

It explains the whole try-on process and gets you incredibly excited to get started.

Here’s how the pairs arrive to you —

(All images courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of their at-home try-on process. It’s effortless, fun and incredibly practical. Kudos to Warby Parker for offering such a kick ass feature.