BACK IN STOCK – the Madewell Holepunch Flat Sandal …

… a.k.a. how I didn’t chance it this time.

Last spring, I saw these sandals at Madewell and instantly fell in love with them.

(Image courtesy of Madewell)

Problem is, I didn’t buy them.  I waited and waited — for what, I don’t know — and by the time I was ready to buy them, I went to a local Madewell store to try them on only to find out that they were completely sold out.


So … I checked multiple times to see if they would come back in stock … nada. Nothing. They were on backorder for like months, and then slowly disappeared. And I never forgot about them.

So … when I suddenly saw them this spring within a crop of new arrivals at Madewell, I pounced on them faster than you can say “sandal.”  For me to instantly pay full retail price for something the second it comes out is a big freaking deal.  I loathe paying full price for things. Why do you think I started this blog?

But, and this is a big “but” … after you’ve already painfully missed out on something you loved once, it’s completely okay to splurge on it if you by chance ever see it again.  Then you won’t be kicking yourself later on when you see it sell out. Again. And you won’t be left seeing other gals wearing them on the street all spring and summer, wishing you had them.

It doesn’t happen very often, so give yourself a break and buy the damn sandals.