Weekend Wants

Here are some things I’d love for this weekend … a.k.a. my Weekend Wants.

1) To see TeamMate play … my friends Scott and Dani are playing a set tonight at Pianos down on the LES. Can’t wait to see them play live!  Please check out their website, it’s great stuff. And here’s one of my favorite songs —

2) To sleep in … I feel like I have been sleep-deprived this entire work week.  I need to catch up on my zzz’s!

3) To make some soup … tomorrow night, it’s supposed to go down to 19 degrees here in NYC (eeek!). So, I think I am definitely going to make some soup on Saturday.

Source: detoxinista.com via NYC on Pinterest

4) To try on my Prabal Garung for Target piecesthey were delivered today, so I cannot wait to try them on and see how they look, fit, feel, etc. I’ll be giving a proper review as soon as I do.

5) To watch some walkers … are you into The Walking Dead on AMC? My husband and I cannot stop watching this show. It’s very addicting, despite the blood and guts.  The characters are so messed up, but you desperately want them to just survive.

Glen is one of my favorite characters, and has turned into such a badass … if you watch it, then you know what I mean!


What are you up to this weekend?