What NYC Recessionista Wears: Rainy day

Yesterday was a miserable gloomy day, so I was really excited to see boxes from Amazon.com waiting for me when I got home.

Last week, I sent my old iPhone 4 to Gazelle after finding out that it was worth almost $150. I elected to receive an Amazon.com Gift Card as payment for sending in my phone, and immediately starting thinking about what I was going to order.

One of the things I was desperate to buy was a new pillow … I’ve been messing my neck up again and again while I sleep, and my chiropractor told me to try a memory foam pillow. I ordered this one and I can’t wait to test it out tonight!

The other thing I was in serious need of is a proper pair of rain boots. Well … ta-dah!

Adorna Bella earrings (similar) /  LOFT cardigan / Gap blouse (similar) / watch c/o Caravelle by Bulova  / J. Crew pixie pant / Hunter wellies

I had enough money left over to buy a pair of Hunter wellies!  I’ve been eyeing these for quite some time, and after ruining one too many pairs of shoes in the rain, I decided to get a pair. I went with the original short in green.

Is it weird that I’m kind of wishing for another rainy day so I can test them out?  🙂

(Image courtesy of NYC Recessionista)