Old Lady Jackets for Spring

Old Lady Jackets are everywhere right now and with good reason … they’re a perfect final piece of polish for lots of spring outfits and they give off definite “I found this in my rich grandmother’s closet and it’s vintage” vibes. Fortunately, you don’t have to scour your grandmother’s closet or the nearest consignment store to find one, because there are so many great options out there.

So … what exactly is an old lady jacket?

A great question! An old lady jacket basically looks like a cross between a fancy sweater and a tweed blazer. But the best part is, many of them are knits right now, so they’ll feel more like a cozy cardigan than a stuffy, structured blazer. They usually have fancy buttons and many of them have front patch pockets. I love that they have a super classy vintage vibe to them, but they can also be work with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers and can instantly elevate the look.

I did some research and found some really great options for spring, and I’ve rounded them up below. To shop any of the styles you see, just click on the corresponding number below the collage!

Old Lady Jackets

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Interested in giving the trend a try but you’re not totally sure how to wear it? Have no fear — I’ve put together a few examples of spring outfits where old lady jackets would be the perfect finishing touch!

lavender outfit

earrings || jacket || top | jeans || purse || heels

spring outfit

earrings || jacket || top || jeans || ballet flats || purse

Old Lady Jackets

earrings || jacket || top || pants || sneakers || purse

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