My Favorite Purchases of 2023

Wanted to share some of my favorite purchases of 2023 — these are the items that have truly been life-changing buys for me over the past year!

My Favorite Purchases

Read on below to find out why all of these items were my favorite purchases of 2023!

1. This Mueller meat cleaver is probably the best knife I’ve ever owned. Once I started making more salads, etc. at home and was doing a lot more chopping, I wanted to invest in a really good knife and this one is so good. And it’s so fun to use haha.

2. This renter-friendly under-cabinet paper towel holder is perfect for freeing up counter space, but it also looks super chic. And the gold matches my kitchen cabinet handles!

3. I got this rolling cart for the space in between my cabinets/counters and my fridge – it was the perfect size and it’s great for storing my cleaning supplies, garbage bags, etc.

4. This magnetic stove-top shelf is the perfect place to store my cooking oils and most-used spices, so they’re always available in a pinch while cooking. Easy to clean, too!

5. These Windex electronics wipes are the best electronics wipes I’ve ever used – they’re perfect for getting fingerprints off of my Mac, my iPhones, and my TV.

6. These magnetic shelves are perfect for the side of my fridge – I’m using mine to store my aluminum foil, my storage bags, my cutting boards, and my most-used knives.

7. This Conair fabric shaver and lint remover is SO SATISFYING to use. so far I’ve removed pills from my office chair, my sofa, shorts, a throw pillow, and a sweater!

8. These Scrub Daddy sponges have been my favorite sponges for years – they’re especially great for cleaning my pots & pans. They never smell and they get rid of EVERYTHING.

9. These iPhone holders are so handy when you’re looking at recipes while cooking, video-chatting, or even streaming a show on a tablet – they should be in every room of your house!

10. This silicone mat and faucet splash-guard goes right around my sink and it’s the perfect place to rest my hand soap, dish soap, and all of my sponges and brushes – it keeps the whole area around the sink nice and dry and free of soap gunk, and it can be cleaned off really easily, too.

11. This honeycomb-style drawer divider snaps together and goes right in your drawer – making all of your underwear or socks perfectly organized – and every pair will always be visible!

12. I love this 2-in-1 charger, especially for travel – it’s pretty fast, and this way I’ll never to worry about bringing two different chargers with me for both my Apple Watch and my iPhone. I bought one to keep at my parents’ house when I’m there for the weekend!

13. Once I hung all of my artwork in my new apartment, this renter-friendly mounting putty was the perfect solution for keeping the frames in place and perfectly straight on the wall.

14. This Venty portable fan is perfect for small spaces, but also for travel – not to mention it’s chargeable with a USB-C (but it will also charge your phone because it doubles as a power bank!!!), and it even has a light and a remote control. Oh and did I mention that it oscillates, too? It’s basically perfect.

15. Much like #11, these fabric drawer organizer sets are also perfect for organizing things like bras, socks, tights, belts, sunglasses, etc. perfectly in your drawers.

16. These renter-friendly adhesive shelves for my shower are the perfect way to add some quick storage without making any permanent changes – and it saves me from having to precariously balance things on the skinny ledges around the bathtub (there is nothing worse IMHO).

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