This Year’s Home Depot Skeleton is Gold, from Target, and Much More Manageable

There’s a new version of the crazy viral Home Depot Skeleton available this year — but it’s gold, from Target, and much more manageable.

Do y’all remember the absolutely chokehold that the giant 12 ft. (and $300!) skeleton from Home Depot had on all of us last year on social media? I don’t know about you, but I live in an apartment — I have nowhere to put a 12 ft. skeleton.

Luckily, Target has a 5 ft. tall gold one this year — and it’s only $40!!! That’s much more like it, if you ask me. And it’s GOLD.

I figured I’d share the skeleton and a bunch of other super cute Target Halloween decor pieces that are sure to sell out way head of Halloween — if you see something you like, I’d recommend getting it now.

Home Depot Skeleton

To shop any of these Target Halloween picks, just click on the product image below!

PS – you can find more home goodies by clicking here.

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