New Holiday Outfits from Old Navy

Wanted to share some new holiday outfits from Old Navy — and there are a bunch of different ways you can mix and match these pieces for endless outfit combinations!

First up … the Old Navy plaid flannel is a great investment piece for the holidays. There are SO MANY different ways you can wear one of these, both casual and dressy.

Just think of the possibilities:

  • With jeans, like I’m wearing it below
  • Tucked into dress pants or a skirt
  • Layered underneath a sweater
  • Open and layered over a turtleneck or dress
  • Knotted over a dress (see below)
new holiday outfits

Next up, holiday sweaters are an equally smart layering piece to make lots of new holiday outfits — you can wear them by themselves, layered over a plaid button-down shirt or dress, and they can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with dress pants or a skirt.

I went with a simple cream colored sweater, but Old Navy has so many great styles and patterns to choose from!

Next up, I tried on this really cute fitted long sleeve henley midi dress. Personally I’m really working on trying out different silhouettes, including more form-fitting pieces, and getting myself more comfortable with wearing things I think are cute even if my stomach is showing. This henley dress is a perfect example of that! Life is way too short to not wear things you love.

New Holiday Outfits

And yes, you can totally experiment with layering a plaid flannel button down over your fitted dresses — I tried buttoning it and tying it at the waist, but you could even leave it open and loose for a more casual vibe (see how they’ve styled it that way here).

Next up, I also tried layering a cropped sweater (the same one from earlier) over the henley dress — this works too!

Here are some tips on the best way to experiment with this trend when picking out new holiday outfits:

  • Play with proportions: if you’re wearing a long dress, try pairing it with a cropped sweater. A mini dress with a natural waist will work nicely with a cardigan that hits right at your natural waist, too. Or you can throw a long cardigan over it and belt it at your natural waist too!
  • Play with colors and prints, too: If you’re wearing a solid dress, try a printed sweater and vice-versa. You can also try color-blocking and monochromatic looks too — like a navy dress with a pale blue sweater layered over it. Have fun with it!
New Holiday Outfits

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