Megababe is on sale at Target right now

Megababe — otherwise known as the creator of products that have legit SAVED MY LIFE over the summer — are on sale right now at Target! Through April 24, everything Megababe at Target is 15% off when you shop through Target Circle, no code needed.


Megbabe makes a ton of totally genius products, but my absolute favorites to survive the warm weather months are Thigh Rescue, Bust Dust, and Body Dust.

Thigh Rescue is an anti-chafe stick that you just swipe onto your inner thighs before you leave the house and it keeps your skin from catching on fire from the friction (and from getting red, irritated, and generally angry). It works incredibly well and lasts all day. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.

Bust Dust is a magical powder for your tatas … just squirt a few pumps into your bra — especially underneath your boobs — and it’ll keep you dry and comfy all day long. Boob sweat is no joke, and I had been suffering through it for years before this stuff came along.

Body Dust is basically an all-over body powder that will also keep you dry and comfy all day long. It’s so good. I love the formula (which is of course talc-free) and it honestly just works.

I also swear by their Squeaky Clean hand sanitizer. I’ve been using it throughout the pandemic and it’s the only thing that’s kept my hands from getting crazy dry and cracked.

Below are all of the Megababe products that are on sale at Target right now — just click on any item to shop it!

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