Remember the bridesmaids dresses from Friends? These new gowns have a similar vibe

Remember those iconic bridesmaids dresses from Friends? You know one ones I’m talking about … the super chic floral gowns worn by Phoebe and Rachel at Monica and Chandler’s wedding? Well, I recently came across some new bridesmaids gowns from BHLDN that have a very similar vibe.

First, let’s take a look back at those amazing bridesmaids dresses from Friends —

The costume designer from Friends even talked about these dresses with Racked:

“Those bridesmaid dresses got the most calls and inquiries of anything on the whole show. We bought them at Neiman Marcus, and they were so beautiful. They weren’t by a big name, just some random formalwear brand — but honestly, if those people didn’t make a zillion dollars as a result of it. It went on for years and years, and I still get questions about them to this day. I get emails every week about Friends, because people are always rediscovering it or else just seeing it for the first time, like my 23-year-old daughter! I get these inquiries that are so insane, like ‘I love Jennifer’s yellow dress, can you tell me where I can get it?’ or some guy will be like ‘My wife loves Phoebe’s dress, where can I buy it?’ I always write back. And I’m like, ‘Thank you so much, I’m so flattered — but that was 20 years ago! If I were you, I would take a really good screenshot and go source some fabric and take it to your local tailor.’”

Well, when I saw these brand new BHLDN bridesmaids dresses, they immediately reminded me of the dresses from Friends! From the colors, to the floral prints, to the very 90s silhouettes, they totally give off the same vibe to me. To shop any of the dresses, just click on any image below for a direct link.

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