Holiday Gifts for Kids

Continuing with my gift guide tonight with all of the best holiday gifts for kids! Sometimes kids can be hard to shop for, but I loved these books, science-themed gifts, and of course gifts that let kids explore their artistic side.

  1. Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights book
  2. Magic drawing board
  3. Arts and crafts library
  4. Women in Science book set
  5. Someday is Now book
  6. Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug book
  7. Weather station toy
  8. Big Ideas for Young Thinkers book
  9. Yoga cards for joyful learning
  10. Space observation puzzle
  11. National Park Ranger dolls
  12. The Little Book of Little Activists book
  13. Eco stars recycled crayons
  14. Unicorn and dinosaur yoga mats
  15. ‘Play the Forest Way’ book
  16. Little Scientist puzzle
  17. Cardboard electric guitar kit
  18. A Girl’s Guide to the Wild book
  19. Sleuth & Solve Logic Puzzles
  20. Planet blocks
  21. Doughnut crayons
  22. Floral wooden name puzzle
  23. Gummy bear bobby pins
  24. Felt picnic set
  25. Plush baby avocado
  26. Colored pencils
  27. STEM books

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