A Roundup of Black-Owned Art Shops on Etsy

There are so many amazing Black-owned small businesses on Etsy. I’ve shared a bunch of my favorites so far, and today I’m back with a roundup of beautiful art!

By the way, in case you missed it, this is part of a new regular feature I’ll be doing on the blog — featuring really cool small businesses I’ve discovered. I really want to share more on my blog and social media in general, but especially more Black-owned small businesses. Etsy has been a great resource in this regard — they’ve even added an entire section to their website of Black-owned businesses from all different product categories.

So far, I’ve shared my favorite Black-owned jewelry shops, and then I shared some of my favorite Black-owned beauty shops. Then, I shared a bunch of really cool candle shops on Etsy that are all made by Black-owned Etsy sellers.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite art shops on Etsy — and they’re all made my Black small business owners! To shop any of the pieces you see below, just click on the piece of art!

I’ve saved even more interesting products from Black-owned art shops on Etsy below! I hope you have as much fun exploring them as I did 🙂

Are there other kinds of Black-owned businesses you’d love for me to feature in a future blog post? Let me know in the comments!