Sneakers you can wear with dresses

I wanted to share some examples of sneakers you can wear with dresses! While some ladies have been rocking this trend for years, I think it’s going to be a long-lasting vibe even after we’re done with the pandemic. Not to mention that it’s a perfect, effortless outfit for fall!

I say it’s time to give absolutely no fucks in the name of comfort when it comes to footwear — and wearing sneakers with dresses is chic as hell.

I’ve linked up a bunch of dresses here, and in between each row of dresses is a pair of sneakers that goes perfectly with both of them! Just click on any style for a direct link to shop it:

I’ve also added a bunch of additional options of both sneakers and dresses below — each of these images is a clickable link, too.

PS – you can find more of my favorite dresses by clicking here.

And another PS — If you want to do some more browsing on your own for sneakers you can wear with dresses, ASOS and Old Navy have some really cute dresses right now, and there are so many great styles of casual sneakers at J.Crew and Madewell that are perfect for this look!