These Home Decor Finds Only *Look* Expensive

I am ALL ABOUT looking for home decor finds lately … and I guess it’s because I’ve been spending more time than ever before at home (thanks, COVID). Honestly, I find myself browsing home stuff online constantly. But since I am always all about the bargains, I love hunting for bargain and discount home finds.

What’s even more awesome though, is when home items that are actually really affordable happen to look really expensive. And that’s definitely what I keep coming across every time I browse the Target website!

I put together some of my favorite Target home decor finds below — and this time, I focused on mostly sleek, mid-century modern, neutral-colored pieces. They just make me feel really serene and calm, which I am in desperately need of right now.

You can click on any image above or below for a direct link to shop it — hope you love these pieces as much as I do! Oh and if sleek and neutral isn’t your thing, then definitely check out the Target home section, because they have A TON of different vibes for whatever your personal style is.

PS – you can find more home decor items by clicking here.