My Sephora Sale Picks, Vol. 5

It’s time for the big Sephora sale and I am sharing all of my favorite beauty products with you!

Right now at Sephora, they’re having one of the few big sales they have during the whole year (!!!) during which you can take up to 20% off your purchase with code SPRINGSAVE at checkout.

Here are the dates for the sale, depending on your current Sephora Rewards membership level:

  • From 4/17 until 5/1, Sephora Rouge Members can take 20% off;
  • From 4/21 until 4/29, Sephora VIB Members can take 15% off; and
  • From 4/23 until 4/27, Sephora Beauty Insiders can take 10% off.

Sephora is probably one of my favorite stores and definitely one of the places I shop at the most. I love testing out and trying new makeup, beauty, skincare, and hair products — and Sephora makes it really easy with their super knowledgable staff and generous return policy. I also love the ‘Clean at Sephora’ label they introduced so you can easily find products that are formulated without a long (and frightening) list of chemicals.

I figured I would organize the majority of my sale picks by brand, because each brand has a unique vibe and benefits. So each day for the next several days, I’ll be doing a deep dive into some of my favorite Sephora brands. For each of the images below, all of the products are clickable and will take you directly to that product page. I’m also sharing my insights and personal recommendations on a lot of the products and why I love them.

Up next: Sunday Riley! I have tried almost every single one of these products since they’ve come on the scene, and while they are a little pricey, they definitely deliver results depending on what you’re looking to do. They are also cruelty-free and focus on sustainability with their ingredients.

If you’re looking to up your skincare regimen and start using things like a retinol a couple of times a week ( retinol serums fight the signs of aging and UV damage and improve skin’s tone and appearance), then I would definitely recommend giving their A+ High Dose Retinol Serum a try. Like I said, it’s a little on the pricey side, but you only need to use a tiny bit a couple of times a week, so the bottle will last you a long time.

Their Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment is actually one of my mama’s favorites after I introduced her to it hehe. Lactic acid exfoliates the surface of your skin (without having to scrub it), revealing a fresher, smoother, more radiant and less dull complexion. This is another product that you only have to use a couple of times a week to see results, so it will last you.

Their Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser is one of my favorite face washes. The formula makes my skin feel like a baby’s ass, not gonna lie. And it removes makeup really well, too. It cleans without drying out my skin, which is awesome for me because my skin is pretty dry and sensitive.

Lastly, if you are looking to try adding a face oil to your skincare routine, they have two great options. A few tiny drops of their Luna Retinol Sleeping Night Oil does all the work while you’re sleeping, plumping, moisturizing and evening your skin tone. Or, their Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil is basically like a green juice for your face (without having to drink kale).

PS – for more sales happening right now, click here.