My Amazon Prime Day Picks

Amazon Prime Day is here! If you ask me, this particular sale feels a bit chaotic and overwhelming (especially since they extended it over two days this year), but I’ll try to cut through the clutter and share some of my picks that I think are actually worth checking out.

I’m organizing things into a few different categories below, to make thing easier to scroll through and browse. Happy shopping!

Amazon Prime Day Dresses

How about some super soft dresses with pockets? These are all cute, affordable, and many come in a bunch of different colors.

Amazon Prime Day Earrings

Raffia and rattan earrings are EVERYWHERE right now … so now you can experiment with this trend without spending a ton of money.

J.Crew Mercantile Sale

I was today years old when I found out that you can shop J.Crew Mercantile on Amazon … I feel so silly for not knowing this! They have some good deals on J.Crew pieces right now as part of the Amazon Prime Day sales, so it’s worth checking out for sure.

Amazon Prime Day Headbands

Another trend that’s everywhere right now — headbands! I’m rounding up some cute styles that are very affordable. As someone who has desperately been trying to fight temptation to cut her hair this summer, headbands have really come in handy.

Amazon Prime Day Hair Clips

This is a 90s trend making a comeback right now, and I’m not mad at it. Oversize 90s style hair clips are all the rage, so I’m sharing some of those as well. Hint: they’re great for when you just want to get your hair out of your face, but you still want to look relatively put together.

Adidas and Nike on sale

There are some really cute pieces from Adidas and Nike that were on sale, so I’m sharing them with y’all.

Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty makes some really genius products (their magic balm is a real MVP), so I’m rounding those deals up here —

Amazon Prime Day Burt's Bees

Burt’s Bees is another brand that I always have in my arsenal. I regularly use their face wash and lip balm, and their Dr. Burt’s Res-Q Ointment is amazing for burns (because someone is a complete klutz when she’s cooking / baking / using a straightening iron).

There are also some super chic home decor items on sale (which you don’t usually see on Amazon), and how gorge is that Kitchen Aid mixer?! Swoon.

Amazon Prime Day Metal Straws

Last but certainly not least, sharing some metal straws and reusable water bottles that are on sale, because I know so many of us are trying to cut down on our single-use plastics.

PS – you can check out more sales happening right now (hello, Nordstrom Anniversary sale early access!) by clicking here.