Cute Pool Floats and More in Target’s ‘Sun Squad’ Shop

Cute pool floats and so much more can be found in Target’s brand new ‘Sun Squad’ shop — have you seen it? You should definitely check it out because they have every single little thing you could possibly need to have an Instagram-worthy summer.

A collage of cute summer items from Target, including cute pool floats

They’ve smartly broken it up into categories depending on what kind of aesthetic you’re going for and what kind of event you’re having — they have pool party and beach must-haves, backyard BBQ necessities, Americana items for your 4th of July party, summer outdoorsy picks, everything for the perfect margarita party, and of course all of the perfect pool floats.

I’ve rounded up all of my favorite pieces (including the cute pool floats) below — look at how dang cute everything is! You can even hover over any item to see the price (hint: everything is super affordable!), and just click on any image to shop it!

PS – you can find more goodies for summer right here.