Summer earrings that won’t break the bank

Summer earrings … it’s totally a thing. Okay I might have made that up, but for reals, I love experimenting with bolder and brighter earrings during the summer months as a fun way of punching up outfits! Luckily there are tons of affordable options to choose from. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below and you can shop them right from this post!

Summer earrings
Earrings from Bauble Bar

From H&M — they have SO MANY great pairs, and lots of earrings sets so you get even more bang for your buck. Especially for a specific trend where you might just wear it for a couple of seasons, H&M is a great deal.

From New York & Company — they are one of my favorites because most people don’t think of them for their jewelry — so it’s a well-kept secret (for now). Oh and right now all of their jewelry is buy one, get TWO free!

And from Asos — they are another great site to check out for super affordable jewelry that’s always on trend! Their earring selection isn’t as extensive as I wish it was, but they still have a bunch of cute styles.

PS – click here to check out more pieces for the summer.