Hair Clips from the 90s are Back in a Big Way

Hair clips from the 90s are back in a big way … and now they’re one of the hottest accessory trends for summer.

I have to admit, I could use some hair clips for the warmer months — even though my hair has gotten so long, I still have these shorter layers that are always falling out of my ponytail or updo, and it’s really annoying. And with the heat coming, I know I’m going to be wearing my hair up pretty much every day.

Because Bauble Bar is insanely good at styling their products, here’s a quick look at some of the styles and how they can be worn —

Two of the biggest styles for this trend are resin clips and clips embellished with pearls and/or rhinestones, but those OG metal hair clips that snap (you know, the ones we all had in a hundred different colors) are also back in a big way.

I went and combed through (get it? haha … I love puns) some of my favorite websites and rounded up a bunch of super cute and affordable options.

PS – stay tuned to the blog because I’ll be sharing more summer accessories trends soon!