Meghan Markle just rocked a $35 H&M maternity dress

It’s back-to-back Meghan Markle posts on the blog today because Meghan Markle just rocked the crap out of a $35 maternity dress from H&M.

Meghan Markle
c/o Splash News

It’s still available right now (you can shop it here), but I don’t expect it to be available much longer. I’ve also rounded up some other similar styles that are super affordable, too.

Just yesterday I was loving her bold colors and yet today she’s wearing monochromatic cream head to toe and it’s just as gorgeous.

Meghan Markle
c/o Getty

I’ve also rounded up several affordable alternatives for her gorgeous cream coat, because the one she’s wearing is by Armani and super pricey.

PS – you can check out her colorful outfit from yesterday here.