Kristin Ess Hair Styling Tools Now at Target

Kristin Ess is one of the newest and most popular haircare brands to hit Target in the last year, and now she’s added a line of professional quality hair styling tools to her collection!

Kristin Ess

Just click on any tool below for a direct link to that product page!

And if you haven’t already checked out her line of hair products, then I would definitely recommend taking a look. Her products are cruelty-free, which is something I always look for. She has cleansing and conditioning products for all different hair types, as well as styling products.

I love that she has sulfate-free products and a cleansing conditioner, too. Click on any item below if you want to check out her cleansing and conditioning products:

Here’s quick access to all of her wet styling products (including a genius blow dry mist that cuts down on drying time):

Here are her dry styling and finishing products (including ones to get that perfect beachy waves and texture):

And she even has a collection of restorative products if your tresses are in need of a little TLC:

Have any of you tried her products? Let us all know what you thought in the comments!

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