My New Favorite Makeup: RMS Beauty

I recently attended an event at the Birchbox store in SoHo where I discovered my new favorite makeup: RMS Beauty. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin. I have very dry and sensitive skin, and I cannot believe how different my skin feels since I started using it. The dry, flaky patches are gone and my skin feels soft and supple. I’m breaking out less, and I feel like I look bright-eyed and awake now when I look in the mirror.

RMS Beauty was started by Rose-Marie Swift, a makeup artist for over 35 years who wanted to give women a healthy, organic makeup brand after discovering how many toxic chemicals are hiding in the makeup we use every day. So she created products that contain things like raw minerals, coconut and jojoba oils, cocoa and shea butters, bees wax and Vitamin E. They are also cruelty-free, which I really love and am trying to make a switch to in all of the products I use (which is no easy task!).

Below is a quick breakdown of the pieces I’ve been using … you can also click on any product in the image below for a direct link to that product page!

(Image courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

From left to right, top row:

Un Cover-up Concealer / Foundation in ’00’ – this stuff has completely changed the way I look at foundation and concealer. I’ve only been putting it in the spots where I normally have redness, and to lighten the dark circles under my eyes. I used to cover my entire face — including my freckles — with foundation that looked caked on. But this stuff blends into my skin so well that it doesn’t even look like I am wearing anything.

Lip Shine in ‘Sacred’ – this product does double duty for me as both a lip color and a blush. A little goes a very long way, so I’m getting a lot of use out of it. And it’s the perfect rosy color (with just a tiny hint of orange) that makes you look like you’re naturally flushed.

Living Luminizer This stuff is magical … I put it along the tops of my cheekbones as a highlighter, on my cupid’s bow, down the bridge of my nose, under the tails of my eyebrows, and right by the inside corners of my eyes. It gives me the perfect glow and just makes me feel awake and alert.  (PS – Sephora also carries an exclusive ‘Champagne Rosé’ Luminizer by RMS that looks amazing and I am dying to try it!)

Contour Bronzer – this product also does double duty for me — I can use it as both a contour under / along my jaw line, and to fill in my eyebrows as well. I could also use it as an eyeshadow color if I wanted.

Eye Polish in ‘Imagine’ – Their eye polishes are pretty fun and a much more saturated, pigmented color — but I definitely wish they came in more colors. I used to experiment a lot with different eye shadow colors and I feel like that’s a big part of personalizing your makeup from day to day. I do love how this formula has much more of a shimmer to it though, especially for night.

From left to right, bottom row:

Un Powder – this is their setting powder or mineral veil. It has a very luxurious feel to it and is very soft. You almost don’t feel like you’re putting anything on — that’s how fine the powder is. It definitely does the trick, but I have to be careful not to use too much or it can dull some of the luminescence of the other products, i.e. the luminizer. (PS – Sephora also carries their Tinted Un Powder for those of you who prefer a tinted setting powder instead of a white one)

Beauty Oil – I put this on every night after I’ve showered / removed my makeup / washed my face. My skin just drinks it up. It’s so nourishing and feels so luxurious. My skin used to feel so dry and irritated all the time, but now it feels so soft and supple. I always thought that oil would be the last thing you’d want to slather on your skin, but it’s completely changed my beauty routine.

Swift Shadow in ‘Tempting Touch’ – I like their powder eye shadows, too, but again — my only complaint is that they don’t come in more colors! The formula is super soft and goes on very easily. It’s definitely not as bold or strong as previous eye shadows I’ve used, but using this brand has also inspired me to adopt a more natural beauty look with my makeup, and just use it to enhance my features naturally as opposed to overdoing it. But truth be told, I do miss experimenting with fun colors sometimes.