Best Buy now has a Wedding Registry

Did you guys know that Best Buy now has a wedding registry program now?!  At first, I thought it was a little strange, but then I realized it’s actually kind of genius — for several reasons:

  • FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING. Which means that wedding guests who are generously gifting you something off of your registry won’t have to pay for shipping. 
  • Lots of engaged couples are planning out their future, not just their weddings — and that includes where they’re going to live. And Best Buy has appliances large and small in addition to all the electronics.

    • Group gifting — okay, this is kind of amazing. Guests can contribute any amount they want toward the gift you want. So basically your cousins could all chip in a little bit and get you that stainless steel fridge you’ve had your eye on, or the brand new washer/dryer you’ve been dreaming of having someday.
    • Couples can get 10% off any remaining gifts they don’t receive on their big day. 
    • Extended returns and exchanges … which means that couples will have plenty of time to go on their honeymoon, come back and let the dust settle from their big day without having to rush back to the store if they need to exchange anything.  

    Not sure where to start? They have a helpful checklist on their website to get you started, plus inspiration and ideas for your kitchen, living room, bathtroom and home overall. 

    Here are five things that I would totally put on my Best Buy registry:

    (All images courtesy of Best Buy)

    2. KitchenAid artisan stand mixer in ice
    3. Samsung 65″ LED 4K Ultra HD Television
    4. Framed mirror
    5. Shark Rotator lift-away bagless vacuum