NYC Recessionista’s Top 10 Apartment Essentials + 15 percent off at The Container Store

Happy Hump Day, my lovelies!  Sigh … I am sitting in my new apartment as I type this, surrounded by moving boxes and completely exhausted. But there is a feeling of absolute peace and calm in my heart right now, because I know the hardest part of this week is over. Now I can unpack at my own pace and create a home here for myself.

I cannot wait to show y’all some photos of my new digs as soon as I am unpacked and decorated, but in the meantime, I am itching to share some of my new favorite apartment essentials with you. These 10 pieces are an absolute must for every home if you ask me.

(All images courtesy of The Container Store)

1. Two-in-one brush and plunger – I absolutely hate the look of a toilet brush and a plunger in my bathroom, but let’s be honest … both are necessary (TMI, I know). This sleek 2-in-1 piece hides both away in a sleek container. Love it. 

2. Hanging canvas sweater bag – I don’t have a linen closet in my new place (hello, NYC apartment living), so I am actually going to use this to hang my towels in my clothes closet. Voila. 

3. Huggable hangers – I have been dreaming of having these fancy non-slip hangers my entire adult life, so I finally made the investment and bought them.  LOVE.

4. Shopping cart – Don’t laugh, but shopping carts (or “granny carts” as I like to call them) are a necessity in this city, for things like grocery shopping and doing laundry. This one is about as stylish as they come and I love it. Already walked to the store with it!

5. Adjustable shower caddy – Bottles sitting on the ledge of the shower is a total pet peeve of mine. I love this organizer because you can move the baskets to fit bottles of different heights (like my favorite shampoo).

6. 3-step aluminum ladder – I have never owned a step stool in my life, and with high ceilings and high cabinets in my new place, I had to invest in one. This model is super lightweight and folds away into my closet.

7. Nickel sensor soap dispenser – I am a total germaphobe, so I love these sleek soap dispensers — I don’t even have to touch the lever!

8. Under-bed storage bags – In order to maximize space in my dresser and chest of drawers, I’ll store out of season clothes in these bags and put them under my bed or on the top of my closet. 

9. 16-compartment shoe cubby – This shoe cubby fits perfectly in the bottom of my closet, so I can neatly store my too-many-pairs of shoes. 

10. Table top ironing board – I do pretty limited ironing, but I still wanted to have a board just in case. This tabletop model is the perfect size for my small apartment. 

PS – Now through Sunday, August 29th, you can take 15% off your entire Container Store order with code TCSLOVE at checkout. 
Can’t wait to take y’all on a tour of my new place!