4 Ways to Wear Green Surplus Pants + my lips are movin' about the new HP x360

Hello, my lovelies! I am so excited today to share some awesome spring style AND some awesome technology with y’all.

To me, an absolute must-have item for this spring — if you do not own a pair already — is a pair of green surplus pants. They are sooo versatile, you’ll find yourself mixing and matching them with countless pieces in your wardrobe and breaking them out for so many different kinds of outfits.

I’ve taken these super affordable, chic as hell green surplus pants and made four outfits: one for work, one for date night, one for the weekend, and one for date night.

Mode No. 1: Work

Jacket  //  Shirt  //  Pants  //  Tote  //  Scarf  //  Sandals

Mode No. 2: Date Night.

Blouse  //  Cardigan  //  Pants  //  Cross-body Bag  //  Peep-toe Booties

Mode No. 3: Weekend.

Baseball Cap  //  Denim Jacket  //  T-shirt  //  Tote  //  Pants  //  Sneakers

Mode No. 4: Megan Trainor Concert

(All product images courtesy of retailers as follows)
Scarf  //  Top  //  Cross-body Bag  //  Pants  //  D’orsay Flats
So … why put 4 outfits together, including one for a Megan Trainor concert, you ask? Well, I’ve teamed up with HP to test out their new HP x360, which can be used in 4 different modes: laptop, tablet, tent, and stand. And HP is actually hitting the road with Mega Trainor this spring for her ‘That Bass’ U.S. tour (PS- check out what’s happening on her tour right this way). 
The HP x360
For the last few days, I’ve been trying the HP x360 and have already discovered my favorite uses for each of the 4 modes:
Laptop mode: I love using this mode to update my blog from anywhere … but most often, this has been from my couch. There are just some times where you want the more standard computer function of a laptop, but you still want to curl up on your couch. The device is lightweight enough that it’s pretty comfy to sit this way with it on the couch and work on my posts.
Tablet mode: I think I enjoy using this mode most for the touch screen on some of my favorite websites, like Pinterest. The larger screen makes it really easy to see the pins, and the color is pretty vivid. The only thing I had to get used to was the keyboard on the other side — I was a little afraid I was going to accidentally press the keys while holding it and mess something up, but it was fine.

Tent mode: This mode was my hands-down favorite for vegging out and binge-watching some of my favorite shows through the built-in Netflix app (Hello, Scandal!). You can literally prop it up anywhere and watch your favorite movies and TV shows to your heart’s content. 
Stand mode: I found this mode most helpful when I was watching a very important TV program (*coughs* The Bachelor) on my TV while live-tweeting from the device. It’s a ritual I take part in with several other bloggers and comedians every Monday night, so don’t judge! It was super easy to use the touch screen to tweet and have my Twitter feed up right in front of me.
 (All images courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

Which outfit is your favorite? What’s one piece in your wardrobe that you get multiple uses out of? Tell me in the comments!

*Editor’s note: in exchange for sharing my thoughts on the HP x360, I received one to keep, and I have been compensated for this post.