5 annoying things about your thirties

Happy Friday, y’all!  I’m going to get REAL for a moment. Granted, I’ve only been in my thirties for a couple of years now, but there are already a few things I’m not exactly digging about it.


My observances so far?

Sleep. I need sleep. My body is now telling me much more often, “Hey you, power down … you need sleep. NOW.” And it’s a hell of a lot harder to function on less sleep these days. And I don’t even have kids … seriously, how do parents do it?! You’re super heroes, all of you. 

Random hairs. And a lot of them are WHITE. Not gray … WHITE. From the random, super thick stray black hairs popping out of my chin to the white hairs showing up in droves on my head. And even my Aveda salon colorist is sometimes no match for these suckers. THEY DEFY EXPLANATION.

Every time I sneeze, I pee a little. It’s the truth. What the EFF is going on with my bladder control? Seriously, the things no one tells you or is brave enough to talk about. My mom just told me that it only goes downhill from here, too … wonderful.

I really CAN’T just eat whatever I want anymore. Not without consequences anyway. I friggan love food. No real shocker here, but if you eat a lot of Chipotle in your 30s, you will end up with a burrito pooch.

Spending from your 20s catches up with you. All of a sudden, I’m wishing I was more responsible with my money when I was younger. I find myself thinking about things like savings, retirement, home ownership (someday?) and debt A LOT more than I ever did before.

What things have surprised you about growing up?