Tevas are back … and here’s what you can wear them with

Have you noticed that Tevas are back? I know I posted recently about how frumpy sandals are going to be all the rage this spring and summer (yes, really!) and now you can add Tevas to that list.

I proudly wore Tevas back in the early 90s, and I may just have to reunite with them this summer. After all, if they’re good enough for Eva Chen to pair with a designer dress on Good Morning America, they’re good enough for me.

But I know what you’re thinking — what the heck can I wear them with? The answer is … perfect summer dresses. They come together for a surprisingly nerdy-yet-cool combination.

Here are seven Teva and dress combinations that are totally adorable:

the Old Navy poplin crepe dress in green, paired with printed Teva originals
the Old Navy blue stripe tee dress, paired with white Teva originals
the Anthropologie naia embroidered dress, paired with green Teva thong sandals
the LOFT crossover cutout back dress in berry jam, paired with gray Teva originals
the Forever 21 abstract woven sheath dress, paired with teal Teva originals
the Anthropologie joie tie-front dress, paired with blue Teva thong sandals
(All images courtesy of retailers respectively)
the Forever 21 pleated dress in coral, paired with printed Teva originals