Late 60’s Mad Men Style

Part one of Mad Men‘s seventh and final season premiered last night, and if you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog, you know how much I simply ADORE the fashion of that decade. Well, we’re so very into the late 1960’s on the show now that it’s starting to get groovy.

And as much as I love the demure early 60’s, I have to admit that the fashion of the late 60’s seems like an awful lot of fun to wear. If you’re looking to take this trend for a spin, then there are lots of affordable options to try —

(All product images courtesy of retailers as follows)

1. Colorblock dress from Modcloth
2. Geo print crop top from Target
3. Eyelet satchel from Modcloth
4. Cat eye sunglasses from Modcloth
5. Chevron print dress from Modcloth
6. Bow dress from Modcloth
7. Navy dress from Modcloth
8. Drop earrings from Ruche
9. Mixed print shift dress from Target
10. Pan Am bag from Modcloth
11. Chevron print dress from Target
12. Cat eye sunglasses from Ruche
13. Embroidered shift dress from Ruche

PS — more Mad Men love this way.