14 Yoga Essentials

Earlier today, I went to my first yoga class since July of 2012. So you can only imagine how stiff and out of sync I was. Sure, I remembered all of the poses, but I found myself wobbling, shaking and sweating like an animal. It was super important for me to return to the regular practice of yoga, though, because it helps me so much with the arthritis I have in my hips and back.

I feel a little silly for staying away from it for so long (the last time I went to a class there, I had a terrible panic attack right in the studio in the middle of a pose), but it had taken me this long to muster up the courage to go back. My old teacher was there, and immediately gave me a hug when he saw me, telling me that the gutsiest step is to return to practice. He was right — the gutsiest step is to return to anything we once loved but have fallen out of step with, for whatever reason.  Every part of my body hurts right now, but I feel wonderful.

Anyway, it got me thinking that, if any of you out there have ever thought about trying yoga, it might help to share some of my favorite pieces for yoga class. These pieces are all very comfortable … and super affordable!

(All product images courtesy of retailers as follows)

Sports Bras:
Having one in a comfortable and breathable fabric, with nice wide straps, is so important …
1. from Athleta
2. from Gap
3. from Old Navy
I love lightweight and crazy soft tops when I go to class, either with a very loose fit or open arms … 
4. from Gap
5. from Athleta
6. from Old Navy
The key to a great yoga pant is one that stays in place but is not tight or restrictive … 
7. from Athleta
8. from Old Navy
9. from Old Navy
Headbands are great for keeping your hair out of your face. And this is my favorite mat and sling … 
10. from Athleta
11. from Gaiam
12. from Athleta
13. from Gaiam
14. from Athleta