The Fiesta Movement

So … my husband’s current car has about 100,000 miles on it, and naturally that has him thinking about his next set of wheels.  He’s gotten to the point where he slows down as we pass dealerships. Even though we live in NYC, he’s in the rare position of having to drive to and from work every day.  To him, quality and reliability is of the utmost importance, BUT he also wants to truly enjoy the ride.

When we went to the NY International Auto Show last spring, there was one car in particular that he was swooning over: the Ford Focus. What can I say? We’re suckers for American-made cars and hatchbacks … anyone who’s moved multiple times in NYC or tried to bring home furniture from Ikea can attest to this.  But now, based on what I’ve seen of the new Fiesta, we may have to check this one out as well. They even have it in his favorite color (orange).

Recently, Ford created The Fiesta Movement to introduce us all to the new 2014 Fiesta (PS – did you know you can actually customize your own on their website?!). They enlisted the help of 100 people … and they sent those 100 people on more than 1,000 different kinds of “missions” in a new Fiesta. The adventures were captured for our viewing enjoyment, and range from style to fitness and travel. Now I’m sharing the movement with y’all!

There are so many more to check out on the site, but here is a countdown of my top five favorite ‘Fiesta Movement’ videos:

5. Karen Kavett’s ‘How to Upcycle Furniture’

4. Karen Kavett’s ‘Wardrobe Redesign’

3. Hank Chen’s ‘GQ + Fashion Night Out’

2. Verena Mei’s ‘Style Mission with InStyle Fashion Expert Tai Beauchamp’

1. Christine Nguyen’s ‘ELLE Street Chic’

You wouldn’t automatically think of cars and things like D.I.Y. or fashion going together, but I think these videos are pretty cool!  They’ve got me thinking about the hubs and I capturing some of our adventures 😉

Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure and just plain old honestly, this is a sponsored post and I’ve been compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own!