Holiday style from The Girls With Glasses

I am absolutely adoring these holiday looks from Brooke White and Summer Bellessa of The Girls With Glasses blog and YouTube channel

Similar top (here)  //  similar pants (here, here and here)

Similar necklace (here)  //  similar shirt (here and here)  //  similar skirt (here and here)

Similar dress (here, here and here)

Similar blouse (here) //  similar skirt (here)  //  similar heels (here)

Similar jacket (here)  //  similar necklace (here)  //  similar top (here)  //  similar skirt (here)  
//  similar tights (here)  //  similar booties (here)

Similar sweatshirt (here and here)  //  similar skirt (here)  //  similar heels (here)

(All images courtesy of The Girls With Glasses)

PS — they also shot a super cool video about how you can find amazing holiday style at your local thrift store.

Love them!