My Daily Beauty Routine

I frequently get compliments on my skin and people ask me a lot what kind of makeup I use … so I wanted to share my routine with y’all!

I do feel like I won the genetic lottery a little bit with my skin. On my mother’s side of the family (who is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, BTW), apparently some Dutch snuck in there, which is why we’re all so fair. And on my father’s side of the family (who is of Italian and Sicilian descent), everyone has freckles. Some even have olive skin, although that didn’t get passed down to me. I rarely get pimples (except when Aunt Flo is in town, sigh), and although I do deal with some very common skin issues (dryness in the winter, etc.), I do not complain or take it for granted for one second. I intend to continue taking good care of my skin so it stays that way, too.

The main thing I do to take care of my skin is to stay out of the sun … and when I do, I am pretty religious about SPF.  My makeup contains SPF, and if I know I’m going to be out in the sun I add even more in the form of sunblock. I also try to use really gentle cleansers and makeup on my skin.  Bare Minerals is an absolute favorite of mine, and my makeup is pretty much exclusively from them.

Here’s what I wear every day — broken down into five easy steps!

Eye makeup remover – I just recently discovered their new eye makeup remover. Takes everything off in a few quick and easy swipes. The skin around your eyes is so delicate, and this nurtures it. 

Cleanser – this cleanser is great for my sensitive skin … and it leaves my face feeling soft and dewy.

Moisturizer – I first tried this moisturizer when I visited one of the local stops on their ‘Go Bare’ Tour, and it has changed my life. It makes my face feel so fresh and dewy.

Foundation brush – they came out with this new foundation brush the same time they debuted their READY foundation 
Bronzer brush – this is actually an angled face brush, but it’s perfect for expertly applying bronzer.
Blush brush – again, their angled brushes are really great … this one is perfect for applying blush. 
Eyebrow brush – this is technically an eyeliner brush, but it’s also perfect for filling in my eyebrows.

Eyeshadow brush – this is the best eyeshadow brush for getting soft but high impact coverage.

Foundation Primer – I have to admit, I didn’t always prep my face before putting on foundation. Major mistake!  Their foundation primer is amazing … and there is a noticeable difference in how it sets my foundation and how long it lasts.
Eyelid Primer – Ditto on the eyelid primer … it really helps my eyeshadow last the whole day.
Foundation – I’ve been using their READY foundation since it made its debut last year … it’s hands down the best foundation I’ve ever used.
Bronzer – There was a time when I was super reluctant to even try bronzer. I really didn’t want to look orange, especially since I am so fair skinned. But once I tried just a little bit of their READY bronzer and learned a great trick from one of their makeup artists (dust just a little on each side of your face in a ‘3’ and ‘E’ formation on either side of your face on your forehead, cheekbone and chin), I was hooked.

Blush – My absolute favorite shade of Bare Minerals blush is ‘Aphrodisiac’ … it’s the perfect peachy shade that looks amazing on everyone.
Eyeshadow – If you’ve ever been into a Bare Minerals boutique, then you’ve seen all of their amazing eyeshadow shades displayed on these gigantic lazy susans. It’s simply impossible to pick one favorite shade, but this duo palette is a current favorite.
Lip Gloss – I have about five different shades of their ‘Marvelous Moxie’ lip gloss because it’s so good. It’s not sticky, drying or irritating. Gives gorgeous light color and moisture for days. This shade in particular is great for everyday wear. 
(Design by NYC Recessionista; images courtesy of Bare Minerals)

Eyebrow highlighting – okay, so technically this is an eyeshadow palette, but these colors are perfect for filling in my brows (I overtweezed in the 90s like so many of us did). I use the darker shades (very sparingly to fill in my brows. And then I use the lightest color to highlight my eyes (inside corner) and my brow bone (just under my brow).
Eyeliner – Buxom by Bare Minerals makes an amazing ‘Insider Eyeliner’ that is perfect for a smoky eye. I layer it right on over my eyeshadow to create that smudgy effect.
Mascara – this is the newest of their mascaras — ‘Lash Domination’ — and it’s amazing … it lengthens, curls and separates just like you’d want it to, but without the obnoxious crustiness or scent that so many drugstore mascaras have. Well worth the investment. 
Illuminating Mineral Veil – Mineral veil goes on dead last and gives this dewy, luminescent glow to your entire face. Oh and it sets your makeup in place, too. 

It may seem like a lot, but it’s super simple.  And the best part is, I still feel like I have virtually nothing on my face when I’m done. And I do honestly feel that this routine has really improved the tone and texture of my skin.

What’s your daily beauty routine!