My In-Flight Essentials

This morning I traveled to Austin, Texas for work … I’ll be here until Friday!  Because I travel a lot for work, I’ve discovered what are my must-haves for a flight.

(Image courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

1. My Monster DNA headphones … perfect for Netflixing my favorite shows.
2. A soft scarf … my new Gorjana-Griffin scarf is perfectly cozy for a chilly cabin.
3. Spearmint Orbitz gum … an absolute must for take-off and landing ear-popping.
4. Kleenex tissuestissues come in so handy and have so many uses. Fun packaging, too.
5. My iPad … I always download the latest issues of Lucky Magazine to read on the flight.
6. Lysol-to-Go disinfectant spray … I refuse to get sick when I travel! I spray the hotel remote first.
7. My sunglasses … essential for those early morning flights.
8. My new Joie purse … the cross-body style is convenient and it’s small enough for my carry-on.