Comfy yet cute sandals

Ever since I got the boot last week, I’ve been realizing that — unless I want to spend even more time in this thing — I need to wear more supportive shoes that are better for my feet.  Unfortunately, I was afraid that would mean that I’d have to wear completely lame, so not cool shoes. 
But then I checked out the comfort shoes section of Zappos and discovered that there are tons of adorable sandals that are also good for your feet. 
Here are some of my favorites — 
(Design by NYC Recessionista; images courtesy of Zappos)
{1} Dansko Sandi sandals
{2} Born Belinda sandals
{3} Clarks Rosa Central sandals
{4} Swedish Hasbeens Ornament sandals
{5} Dansko Thea clogs
{6} Birkenstocks Cairo sandals
{7} Clarks Caslynn Cheryl wedges
{8} Clarks Caslynn Lizzie wedges