Weekend Wants

Here are some things I’d love for this weekend … a.k.a. my Weekend Wants.

1) To see my favorite dads … On Sunday, I’ll be heading upstate to see my favorite dads — my grandfather and my father. What are your plans for Father’s Day?  We’re all having a nice long lunch together.

2) To celebrate 65 years … Next week, my grandparents are going to be celebrating their 65th (!) wedding anniversary … so we’ll definitely be celebrating that this weekend, too 🙂

(Image courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

3) To listen to my new headphones … When I’m taking the train upstate on Sunday, it’s going to be the perfect opportunity to enjoy my new headphones … they’re seafoam green for crying out loud!  Oh and the sound is pretty darn good, too 🙂

4) To check out L.I.C. Flea … Tomorrow, Queens’ answer to Brooklyn Flea officially opens in Long Island City, and I am so looking forward to checking it out.  If you want to learn more about it, head over to their Facebook page.

5) To do some shopping … Grocery shopping, that is. Lately, I am obsessed with pomegranate seeds in my salads. Have you tried them?  They’re amazing.

What are your plans for this weekend?