The softest undies in the world + 20 percent off

Let’s face it: everyone has a favorite pair of underwear. You know you do. We buy them in bulk — in every color of the rainbow and sometimes multiple pairs of the same style or color — and stockpile them like we’re getting ready for the apocalypse.

Up until recently, my favorite pair was the girlshorts from Gap. They’ve always sort of been my go-to pair. But there’s a newcomer in my underwear drawer at the moment that’s giving them a serious run for their money.

The women’s brief from — made from 100% natural beech wood fibers — feels like a super expensive set of sheets against your naked bum. Yes, I just went there.

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I’m wearing them right now, actually.  No, my underwear is not going to become a part of my regular outfit posts. But I will tell you that they are pretty darn comfortable. In fact, you should try them yourself.
For a limited time, MeUndies is even offering my readers a 20% off discount for first-time customers … just enter code 020 at checkout. 

Much like breakfast being the most important meal of the day, your outfits start with your undies. Make sure you’re wearing the right pair.

Please note: MeUndies has sent me a couple of pairs of their women’s briefs to sample, but I have not otherwise been compensated for this post.