Street Style Snaps: Flowers and Docs

I saw this very fashionable girl on the subway nearly two weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to share the photo with y’all …

(Image courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

Now, she was standing too close to where I was sitting for me to get a full length shot of her outfit, but the lower half of it was really what wow’ed me. Here’s what I love about this look in no particular order:

1) I am sooo jealous of her Doc Martens. I would love to buy a pair, but considering I really only want to invest in more expensive clothes for work, I just feel like I’m too old for them. But, they remain a classic shoe in my eyes.

2) While the tropical print on her pants is not something I’d really gravitate toward, there’s a lesson to be learned here: don’t be afraid to experiment with a print pant! Here’s a similar pattern that I would totally experiment with. 

3) I like the fact that she didn’t try to boringly match her bag to her shoes … you really don’t need to do that anymore. The studs and the fringe tassel (see a similar, smaller option here) give it nice visual interest and the leather adds a nice texture to the outfit. 

4) The coral-y hot pink jacket (see similar here) is also a really nice touch … she certainly doesn’t shy away from color!  It’s a really nice color palette for spring.  

5) Fit is everything. There’s a good reason why I wasn’t completely opposed to the bold print of the pant — the fit is great on her. A crazy print + an ill-fitting piece = disaster. But she is totally WERQing this outfit. 

 After seeing this outfit, it really made me want to take more fun fashion risks! What do you think of her outfit?