New jewelry obsessions at Banana Republic

Lately there are a few dozen new pieces of jewelry that I’m justing after at Banana Republic — they’ve got this whole exotic, moroccan thing going on.

Here are my favorites —

1. bold gem necklace
2. woven rope necklace
3. moroccan necklace
4. moroccan long station necklace

1. orchid bracelet
2. raffia bangle bracelet
3. tile stretch bracelet
4. cabochon bangle bracelet

1. orchid earrings
2. moroccan chandelier earrings
3. coral brooch earrings
4. magpie earrings

1. flower cocktail ring
2. chic band ring
3. mosaic tile ring
4. anchors knot ring

(Designs by NYC Recessionista; product images courtesy of Banana Republic)