Top 12 Flat Sandals for spring from Modcloth

My feet take a real beating during the spring and summer months … I walk a lot to and from work, around the city, running errands, etc. and by the time I get home, sometimes my feet feel like they’re about to go on strike.

So … I wear flats. A lot. And unfortunately, that normally means sandals that aren’t terribly cute. But, fear not because I’ve found a ton of cute options at Modcloth. Many of them incorporate all of the hottest trends for spring: studs, cut outs, florals, colorblocking and neon.

And, every single one of these pairs is under $100 … many are even under $50!

(Design by NYC Recessionista; all images courtesy of Modcloth)

1. the longer days sandal
2. the black travel blogger sandal
3. the tell me about it, studded sandal
4. the stay in sicily sandal
5. the fresh pick sandal
6. the twist of gait sandal
7. the summer camp lanyard sandal
8. the fashionable forum sandal
9. the underground aquarium sandal
10. the poppy travel blogger sandal
11. the patent on the black sandal
12. the flip the switch sandal