Recap: Bare Minerals and Jonathan Adler SoHo Event

Last night, I attended an event at the Jonathan Adler boutique in SoHo (you’ve probably seen his amazing patterns before) to celebrate a collaboration with Bare Minerals, one of my favorite brands.  And it was the most fun I’ve had at an event in a very long time!

Because I am such a visual gal, it’s best to just share the night with you in pictures — plus — read through for an exclusive Q&A with both Jonathan & Leslie (I’m kvelling!) … 
The packaging that Jonathan Adler designed for this collaboration is just beautiful. 
They had yummy brownies and blondies set out for the event. 
Can you see how many gorgeous products I’m surrounded by?!
The Bare Minerals ladies were once again doing their expert “make-unders” … I’ve been spoiled with these lately!
Love this art print … so colorful.
I want this chevron chair for my apartment!
Sigh … the best and only foundation I’ve ever used … 
Love this green lamp!
The packages were stacked and ready for shoppers to take them home. 
Immediately when Jonathan Adler and Bare Minerals CEO Leslie Blodgett arrived, they greeted the crowd and were ready to mingle.
I was so jazzed to meet Leslie after using Bare Minerals for the last eight years!  She is a true visionary. 
I kinda want this dachshund bookend, too. 
And I love this pillow with the deadly sins on it. 
Okay, so here’s the amazing part of the night … I was chosen at random to have a private Q&A with both Leslie and Jonathan!!!
Here’s what I asked them, and their answers —

Q: What’s one thing you splurge on and one thing you save on?
A: Leslie: I splurge on clothes and I save on haircuts!  Jonathan: I splurge on art and taxis, and I save on clothes. I wear a lot of basics.

Q: What are your favorite movies and TV shows?
A: Leslie: I love The Sixth Sense because it scares the crap out of me. I am also really into Downton Abbey right now. Jonathan: I love The Graduate and the documentary Paris is Burning.

Q: How did you two meet?
A: Leslie: It was actually in his studio / office. My team was a big fan of his brand, and they’d called his offices to see if we could set up a meeting and see if there was a way to collaborate. Jonathan: My team freaked out when they heard it was Bare Minerals on the phone. This collaboration is just the perfect intersection of design and beauty. 

Seriously, how cool is it that I had the chance to sit and chat with them?!  They were so fun, genuine and approachable. It was just such a treat. 
After the Q&A, I sat down and was treated to a “make-under” by my fave Bare Minerals artist, Tiffany. 
She treated me to the amazing green eye and peach lip combo that I love, and taught me how to do a cat eye.
(All images courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

It was a perfect night!