5 spring essentials at Madewell

Each season, I try (try being the operative word) to limit my purchases to five key pieces that I really need for that season.  I don’t always find everything I am looking for — but surprisingly for this spring, I found them all at Madewell.

(Design by NYC Recessionista; images courtesy of Madewell)
Here are the five spring essentials I’ll be looking to score this spring:

1) a fresh novelty print sweater — this anchor sweater in a rich cobalt blue is gorgeous. 
2) a neon accessory — the thought of a lot of neon scares me, so this patent skinny belt is just right. 
3) a weekend flat — this leather pair is comfy, goes with everything, great for running around town.
4) a graphic scarf — love that this scarf has NYC bridges on it. Perfect spring color palette, too. 
5) a contrast sleeve jacket — army green jackets are so fresh; a contrast sleeve takes it to the next level.
What’s on your wish list for spring?