LHJ Beauty Ambassador Reviews: Concealer #1

As a Beauty Ambassador for Ladies’ Home Journal, I was asked to test out four different kinds of concealer for their upcoming Beauty Awards.

Now, I can’t tell you which brands I tested out just yet (not until their Beauty Issue comes out this October), but until then, I’ll be showing you the before and after pictures I took of myself while testing them out. 

Here’s Concealer #1: 

The Before (yes, this is me without makeup on…don’t judge):


The After:


(All images courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

I thought it was pretty easy to apply (it came in a wand type tube), but it did take A LOT of blending in and patting the concealer until it dried and blended. The liquid formula is thicker than the makeup I am used to (Bare Escentuals).  And the color wasn’t exactly a perfect match to my skin tone … can you see how it looks a little yellow under my eyes? I found that I had to really cover up the concealer with my foundation afterward, to hide the yellow.  Not sure I would use something like this every day.

Verdict:  Okay, but not really working for me.