Addicted to glasses

“Hi, I’m Alison, and I’m addicted to eyeglasses.”

“Hi, Alison.”

“It all started in the 8th grade when I couldn’t see the blackboard, and was forced to get my eyes checked. And there, in the waiting room of my mom’s eye doctor, I saw them … a pair of tortoise shell horn-rim Ralph Laurens that I begged my mom to buy me.”

I need to just stop looking at new eyeglasses when they come out. I just bought a new pair last April.  And yet here I am, looking at the latest Oliver Peoples campaign video on their website, lusting after these … the Parsons.

And these. The Mande. 


(All images courtesy of Oliver Peoples)

PS – If you’re wondering who the female star of the video is, it’s Dakota Johnson, daughter of Melanie and Don.