Michelle Obama style at K-Mart

I was watching very closely early last year when Michelle Obama was first showing the world her amazing personal style. She was wearing a lot of J. Crew, which of course I totally loved, and the items she was seen in would quickly sell out.

Well, just the other day I was taking a stroll through K-Mart — now, I know it’s not the chicest of stores, but sometimes I check it out to see what’s new and interesting in their clothing department … and sometimes they actually do have cute things!

Anyway, I was walking through and did a double take when I saw this skirt … it looked very familiar to me.

(Image courtesy of K-Mart)

Where have I seen this skirt before?! I did a quick Google search when I got back to my desk …

No wonder it looked familiar … The 1st Lady was wearing practically the same skirt last year from J. Crew! Granted, I am sure the J. Crew one is a lot more luxurious, but if you’re looking to emulate Michelle’s style on a budget, look no further. It’s on sale for $13 right now!

Then, I saw this floral print skirt which also looked really familiar to me.

(Image courtesy of K-Mart)

The pattern on it reminded me a little bit of the Thakoon printed skirts and dresses she wears so often, and the NY and Company skirts that emulated the look last year as well. And this one’s going for a whopping $5.99 right now!

So if you’re on a budget, take a look when you’re out and about — even at the places where you don’t usually but clothes (like K-Mart). You never know what new styles and offerings they’ll have, and where they were drawing their inspiration from.