The latest DSW Style Guide has arrived …

In a previous post, I’d explored the new DSW Style Guide, something that the bargain-friendly shoes retailer has started doing on a regular basis. They’re doing a great job of showcasing all of the latest trends in footwear, especially for the warmer weather we’re all longing for.
Well, they’ve just released a brand new edition, and it’s packed with goodies.
Among the newest and most interesting offerings are:
1) Ankle Emphasis — Think the flat, gladiator-styles, but with a serious focus on the ankle strap.
My favorite pick: this pewter pair is a steal @ $35, and has a nice substantial ankle strap without looking too chunky or heavy. I would imagine these would be a no-no with long pants, since wouldn’t the whole point of a pair like these be to show them off?
2) Jewels — With jewels on your footwear, I personally think less is more.
My favorite pick: this lovely pair of silver sandals has just the slightest touch of sparkle on it, yet it really makes them something special and unexpected. And they’re only $39. These would be the perfect solution for summer, since you can just throw them on with practically any outfit before running out the door.
3) Boho Chic — think equal parts vintage, hippie, preppy, and artsy.
My favorite pick: these metallic t-strap sandals, with a cork bottom — which you know means they will be ultra-light. And while $50 sometimes feels like too much for me to spend on shoes, I’d try and get double the use out of them by dressing them both down (with jeans or cropped skinny pants) and up (with skirts and dresses).
4) Exotics — some of these animal prints are a little too much for me, but if you can find the right shape, the right shade, and the right shimmer, then the results can be a little more tame … just my speed.
My favorite pick: I love the rich bronzey, chocolately hue of this pair of pointy toe ballet flats in a reptile skin pattern.
5) Feminine Details — I do love ruffles, flowers, and bows — again, when used in moderation, I feel like they can add a real feminine touch without feeling little girl-ish.
My favorite pick: There are a couple different aspects to this pair of ruffled t-strap heels … the beautiful steel gray color, the ruffles, and the woodblock heel. And to boot, they’re only $40.